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Who we are

Global Preschool is a nurturing early years community for children from 6 months to 6 years of age. The school first opened its doors in 1996, offering a Montessori based progressive preschool program. In August 2006 GCIS moved to a renovated villa in the quiet picturesque, country setting of Šárka’s valley. A new toddler school was added in 2018 giving younger children their own unique space. The aim of our preschool is to have happy and confident children who will develop with a healthy awareness and appreciation of others and the environment. We look forward to working with you and your child. Please call and schedule a visit with us.

Our team

All our staff are chosen to enhance our friendly, family atmosphere and come from all corners of the globe. We have a strong history of staff and student retention, leading to long-term relationships. Our teachers are highly qualified, experienced, and are deeply committed to our school and its mission. All of our teachers hold a diploma from an accredited Montessori training program. (AMI, NAMC) We work with a Child Psychologist, Pediatrician and a Nutritionist on a regular basis.

Montessori based Early Years learning centre

Membership and Accreditation

We are proud to be members of institutions that continuously evaluate our preschool to help us make improvements ensuring that we always provide the highest quality programs for our children.

Our meals & Allergen-free Mornings

Eating family style in small groups promote comunity, conversation and is a time to practice grace and courtesy. We promote healthy snacks and our hot lunch provider is Fresh &Tasty

Školky bez alergenů ALLERGEN-FREE MORNINGS
In cooperation with Mr. and Mrs. Anděl's foundation "Bez Alergenů, z.s." we have started a brand new program called "Allergen-free Mornings." The amount of children with serious food allergies is dramatically increasing during the last decade. We have decided to adapt the morning regime of our kindergarten to completely eliminate all four life-threatening allergens. That is milk and all dairy products, nuts, eggs and fish. In the morning, we only serve children vegetable and fruit products for snacks according to individual agreement with the parents of the allergic child. A trained nurse equipped with the necessary medications and adrenaline injectors is present during the morning program. We are glad to be now open and helping take care of the safety of kids with serious food allergies. More information about "Allergen-free Mornings" can be found at

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Daily menu


Getting to and from Preschool can create anxiety for younger children and their parents. We strive to lessen that apprehension by providing your pre-school children with a stable and safe transportation service.


Our day

Our day is packed full of play and learning. We believe it is our understanding of education and focus on detail which makes our offering unique.

We offer a range of activities and concepts to provide the best in wellbeing, learning and safety. We believe that a little structure, routine and adult focused activities can aid children immensely in their development. However, we also value the importance of child initiated play, that's why we have a balance between Montessori and Early childhood learning. This is to ensure the greatest opportunities for children to learn and develop in all areas.
Parents and potential families are more than welcome to come in and observe our class rooms.

Transition Policy

We are committed to developmentally appropriate practice. Children are especially susceptible to changes in routine, new environments and to separation from their parents or guardians. It is particularly difficult for children to be placed into the care of someone with whom they are not familiar. Therefore, we have developed a highly effective, developmentally appropriate plan for transitioning children into our center and, once they have entered our program, from one class to another.

Our transition process is designed to build trust between the children, their teachers and their parents. Our focus on trust builds community. Everyone helps everyone in order to provide an environment where our children can relax, observe, learn, and grow. Our transitions work because we respect the children in our care and strive to help them make our school their home away home.


  • Swimming
  • Skiing
  • Piano
  • Pottery
  • Dance
  • Pony riding
  • Cooking
  • Yoga
  • Sport
  • Art & Craft
  • Culture days
  • Field trips
  • Gardening and nature walks
  • Kinder Musik
  • Kumon worksheets
  • Gymnastics

Just the right start!

Holiday club

Through summer school children enjoy a nurturing, non-competitive learning environment. We are lucky to have a beautiful garden with lots of trees (providing shade during hot days) where many of our activities take place. Summer school involves music, sports, history, science, cooking, horseback riding, arts & craft. Children are also able to benefit by programs that help develop exploration of other countries and customs. Each day children also enjoy nature discovery and games. Our summer school activities are fun and theme orientated.

Nurturing the future!


Contact us

Parents can enroll children during the whole school year depending on availability. Applicants will be put on waiting lists in the case of classes being full.
Primary learners program:
V šáreckém údolí 2315 / 41
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Primary learners program:
Embassy Quarter - New Facility, Enrolling Now!
Střešovická 431/24,
162 00 PRAGUE 6
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Early learners program:
Horoměřická 2322 / 13
164 00 Praha 6
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ADMISSIONS +420 739 315 551
PRIMARY LEARNERS +420 734 124 020
EARLY LEARNERS +420 728 454 456
Opening hours 7.30 AM – 5.00 PM
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